The Spa keeps getting better!

The new gym at The Spa is now open!

We're pleased to announce that the new look state-of-the-art gym at The Spa IS OPEN!

We've updated all the equipment, transformed the space and created an exciting and inspiring environment. You don't have to be a regular gym user to come and take a look - why not take the opportunity to see what the new gym can offer? 

You’ll find equipment from Life Fitness, Keiser, Physical Company, Octane and Power Plate, as well as a welcoming layout designed to provide easier access to all.

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Our brand new state of the art gym at The Spa is open and ready for you to come and view! Grab some friends or colleagues and book yourselves in for a tour around this fantastic new facility!

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Brand new equipment

 All of our equipment has been upgraded and replaced with brand new machines to improve your experience. However, you'll still find pieces you know and love alongside new equipment to mix up your workout.

Our gym team is on hand to help with any questions, show you how to use new machines or create a new routine for you altogether. Just some of the NEW equipment available to you include: 

  • Ski erg
  • Self-powered treadmill
  • Assault bike
  • Powerplate
  • Smith machine
  • Squat rack
  • Powermill/stair climbers
  • EGYM
  • New recumbent bike

Gym Layout

Proudly reinvesting into our gym

As a charitable trust, we don’t have shareholders to pay and all profits are reinvested back into our community – this helps us achieve our goal of improving and maintaining their health and wellbeing. By investing back into the gym, we can offer our communities the very latest in exercise technology and trends, as well as making the gym even more accessible for all - regardless of age, fitness level or special needs. In fact the gym has been designed specifically to reduce ‘gym intimidation’, opening up the gym to even more members.

A gym experience like no other

As part of the detailed planning behind the refurbishment, we've designed a safe, natural journey around the gym for both new and experienced users, creating a series of zones using different coloured lighting to help vary the experience by changing the atmosphere.

The areas naturally flow through:
  • Health orientated training
    – light blue lighting
  • eGym specialist strengthening and toning equipment
    – orange lighting
  • Fixed resistance equipment
    – green lighting
  • Functional training
    – red lighting
  • Cardiovascular equipment
    – purple lighting
  • Free weights
    – dark blue lighting


The zonal lighting simplifies navigation around the gym and has been selected based on a psychological match to the activity being undertaken. Just like music, lighting can really make a difference to the focus, energy and mood of a fitness space.

For example, in the dedicated free weight section on the ground floor the lighting is dark blue. This is shown to be energising and increases productivity, it also calms the mind and improves concentration levels, therefore helping you work out more, On the other hand red light, used in the functional zone, stimulates the fight or flight response, giving a burst of energy!

Music choice is also very important and the genre is selected to match different customer groups. For instance, upbeat modern music will play for the mixed age range we see on a Monday morning, quieter 80s music during our Fresh Start session on Tuesday mornings and mainstream music on Friday afternoons when it’s a mixed demographic.

Come and have a look around the new gym!

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