Importance of work life balance

In the modern world, it can be hard to switch off and relax. Many of us are working longer hours and, with access to work emails on smart phones, a typical working day can often extend well into the evening. Working late when you should be spending quality time with family and friends can have a very negative effect on your wellbeing. So, why is it so important to achieve a good work-life balance?

According to the Mental Health Foundation, “The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to the mental health of the general population” and are “concerned that a sizeable group of people are neglecting the factors in their lives that make them resistant or resilient to mental health problems.”

We all know the benefits of a balanced life, and here are some ways you can implement more ‘life’ and physical activity into your week:

Plan ahead

Block out time in your diary well in advance for activities, as this will help you to manage your fitness levels and your social time. If you have little ones, planning ahead will enable you to make childcare arrangements, so you can enjoy a quick workout. We offer breakfast and after school clubs at many of our centres. Why not use the Mytime Active to help plan your time? Or, if you have any specific goals in mind, why not ask our fitness professionals to help you map out a tailored time-saving programme at your local centre?

Make time for friends

Instead of swapping fitness time for social time, why not combine the two together? There are lots of activities you can enjoy with your friends – from group exercise classes to a round of golf. Why not practise your swing at one of our driving ranges?

Take Regular Breaks

If you have a high-pressure or busy job, you may find it hard to take regular breaks. However, stepping away from your desk for a short time will make you far more productive and improve your mental health. Try taking a 1-hour lunch break and go for a short walk - you could use this time to make an important phone call. Or, why not pop into your local fitness centre for a 30 minute class? When you return to work, you will feel refreshed and more focused. And, you will have ticked off your daily exercise from your to do list, too!

At Mytime Active, we have four pathways to wellbeing that help us shape our activities – Be Active, Eat Well, Be Positive and Be Together. All of these factors play a huge part when it comes to managing a work-life balance, and maintaining good mental health. We’re on a mission to help our local communities improve their wellbeing and make it simple to get more out of life.