What is mindfulness?

You may have heard of the term “mindfulness”, but what does “being mindful” actually mean?

Put simply, this is where you focus your attention to the present moment. By using mind control techniques and becoming aware of your surroundings and how you are feeling at that precise moment, you are less preoccupied by negative, busy thoughts.

At Mytime Active, we know that a healthy mind leads to a healthy lifestyle. A busy or stressful life can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing and physical health. If you’re feeling disengaged with life and low on motivation, being mindful will help you to create new and more positive perspectives.

How do you practise mindfulness? Here are a few simple mind control exercises to help you practise mindfulness when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

  • Stop and smell the roses
    Spend some time in your garden, a local park or woodland. Look at any flowers, plants and trees, and any other landmarks around you, then ask yourself the following:
    • What can you see? Focus on a plant and look at the leaves
    • What can you hear? Listen to birds or the wind through the trees
    • What can you smell? Find some fragrant flowers or greenery
    • What can you feel? Explore the texture of leaves and tree bark
  • Go for a walk
    Take a break from work or whatever you’re doing and take a walk – even if it’s around the block. Repeat the questions above as you walk along, so you bring your mind back into the present moment and away from any busy, negative thoughts.
  • Try a new activity
    A great way to focus your mind is by learning a new skill, as this can often give you a new perspective on life. Yoga is a mindful form of exercise, as you will be focused on your breathing and body movements. Our Mind & Body Programme offers a variety of Yoga and Pilates sessions to help you relax and enjoy a sense of calm after a busy week.

For more group exercise classes, find your local Mytime Active centre and check out our membership options.

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