Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2020

Looking for interesting ideas to help with fitness motivation and goals? From smart tech to goat yoga (yes, really!), the Mytime Active team have listed the top 10 fitness trends for the coming year:

  1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
    ‘High intensity’ workouts are still top of the list, due to the increasing number of people who are discovering this incredibly time-effective workout. HIIT involves equal bursts of exercise and rest intervals (around 20 seconds), usually over a 30-minute session. Our popular T30 workouts are fast and efficient HIIT sessions, using a mix of equipment and body weight exercises.

  2. Wearable Technology
    From smart watches to fitness trackers, everybody’s wearing fitness tech these days. Wearable tech enables you to monitor your heart, sleep, exercise patterns, and much more. This trend is set to continue with even more innovative ways to track your fitness, including VR technology and the increased ability to create teams of people to share online fitness classes, tournaments and even treasure hunts! The top three fitness trackers currently include Garmin, FitBit and Huawei - watch this space…
  3. Exercise for Health
    There’s growing recognition of the important part exercise plays in managing all kinds of health problems. This awareness has led to an increasing number of focused health projects emerging across the country, including programmes specifically designed for people in recovery, such as cardiac rehabilitation. Did you know that we offer a variety of health assessments and referral systems to help with illness recovery, weight management and wellbeing?
  4. Yoga
    Yoga has been topping the list over recent years, especially as more men take up this ancient practice. From “Power Yoga” to “Hot Yoga” and even “Goat Yoga” (yes, this is yoga with goats!), this trend is set to continue. We offer a range of yoga classes at our Mind & Body Studio.
  5. Group Training & Classes
    As group exercise classes increase in variety and popularity, this is an ever-growing trend. If you’re looking for fitness motivation, then a group class is a fun way to get fit and make new friends.
  6. Fitness for Older People
    Due to our aging population, there’s been a rise in fitness programmes designed for older people to help maintain bone density and muscle mass. Our Primetime sessions offer older people a range of activities and help to reduce loneliness too.
  7. Bodyweight Training
    This trend is popular on YouTube and based on using your bodyweight (planks and push-ups) to get fit. By using your own body as a resistance training tool, you can achieve great results, anywhere and at any time. Why not ask one of our fitness professionals to design a programme for you?
  8. Fitness Programmes
    There’s a rising trend in activity programmes aimed at the community to help people get fit, have fun and stay positive. At Mytime Active, we work alongside various partners, including councils and schools to deliver exciting activities for everyone.
  9. “Functional” Fitness Training
    Put simply, “functional” exercises are aimed at helping people with daily life activities by improving their strength, endurance, balance and coordination. As the name suggests, this type of exercise works on the muscles we use most for everyday tasks, so we can continue to “function” at our best. Our gyms are fitted with different types of functional equipment and we offer a range of classes too. Speak to one of our fitness professionals for advice.
  10. Personal Training
    Each year, an increasing number of people are choosing personal training as a way of achieving their fitness goals and this trend looks set to continue. A Personal Trainer is the best way to get fit and keep you motivated. We offer tailored Personal Training sessions at most of our sites and centres.

Which fitness trend appeals to you most? Why not pop into your local Mytime Active centre and try something new?

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