Get your glow back

If you’ve ever attended a group exercise class, you’ll recognise that wonderful glow you feel afterwards. There are lots of benefits for taking part in group exercise sessions. The NHS states that “You're more likely to keep active if you have fun and other people to enjoy yourself with.” Many people form new friendships through group classes.

Whether you’re going with a buddy, or you’re looking to make new friends, group exercise will keep you motivated and help build your confidence. Besides, you’re much more likely to keep going and achieve your fitness goals.

Tone up

There are countless choices when it comes to group workouts that focus on toning the body. Here are some of our most popular classes:

  • Body Balance: a group workout that combines yoga, tai chi and pilates; great for building strength and flexibility
  • Body Pump: this group workout uses light to moderate weights to help you tone your body and get fit fast
  • Group cycling: often called a spin class, this high-intensity cardio workout will help to burn calories and body fat
  • Kettlebells: this is another session where you can burn body fat and tone up. Using a kettlebell, this is a low-impact, high-energy workout that can lead to great results

Dance your way to fitness

After a busy day, dancing to music is a great way to get your glow back. At Mytime Active, we have a range of dance fitness classes so you can practice your steps. Here’s three to try:

  • Zumba: a dance cardio workout with modern music. You will experience lots of different dance styles and each session includes a warmup
  • Aquafit: move to music in one of our pools. Also known as water aerobics, this is a great workout, especially for older people, as there’s less pressure on joints
  • Step: enjoy choreographed routines using a raised platform. This is an excellent way to strengthen muscles and boost your heart rate and breathing

We have hundreds of group exercise classes for you to choose from – there really is something for everyone!

Get your glow back today with one of our great value Mytime Active memberships. You will have access to six gyms, six swimming pools and over 250 weekly group exercise classes, as well as a wide range of benefits.

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